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Why advertise on TrackRecon?

  • More leads – More sales!
  • TrackRecon specializes in BMW, classic car and motorsport related media and sales.
  • Not a fan of social media channels? That’s ok, we’ve got you! All paid ads are automatically shared and promoted on our global social network with 250,000+ weekly impressions.
  • Our network is spread across all major platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You list on TrackRecon, we spread the word!
  • Easy and FREE registration, plus 2 Free ads to test our platform.


How it works?


Why Bump my ads?

  • To push your ad back to the top of your listing’s category!
  • All bumped ads are automatically shared to our Social Media network and cost just $15 each!


What about Featured Ads?

  • Purchase advertising plans with up to 30 Featured and 30 Regular ads available for you to use as you wish.
  • Each plan has its own expiry and caters for casual sellers, enthusiasts and businesses. See pricing plans below.


Interested in a featured logo link?

  • Only available in conjunction with paid plans; Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Available for 3-6 months – 8 Slots available, by booking only – Contact Us for more info.


Key Points

  • You get a personal profile with social and website links.
  • All ads are easily managed from within your dashboard.
  • All ads are automatically shared on our network.
  • Targeted audience consisting of owners, shoppers and enthusiasts spread as follows;
    • 60% BMW,
    • 20% Classic Cars and,
    • 20% Motorsport.
  • Audience Demographic;
    • 85% Male, 15% Female.
    • continents;
      • 55% North and South America,
      • 25% Europe,
      • 15% Africa/Asia,
      • 5% Australia.
    • Age range;
      • 25% 18 – 26.
      • 55% 26 – 34.
      • 20% 34+.



Secure payments via PayPal or all major credit and debit cards.

Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, and JCB.


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Advertising Plans

Free Ad

$ 0.00

Available for 30 Days only

  • Test The Waters..
  • 0  Featured ads available
  • 2  Regular ads available
  • For  30  days

Bronze Plan


Available for 30 Days only

  • TrackRecon℠ Social Sharing
  • 3  Featured ads available
  • 3  Regular ads available
  • For  30  days
  • Ideal for casual sellers

Gold Plan


Available for 60 Days only

  • TrackRecon℠ Social Exposure+
  • 30  Featured ads available
  • 30  Regular ads available
  • For  60  days
  • Ideal for businesses!

Featured Ads


Become A Classified MemberGet 25% Off Advertising Plans Plus Premium Listings
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